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Covid Information

Due to Covid-19 we have extra precautions in place to prepare us for the 2020 Christmas tree season.

*Masks MUST be worn in the Christmas shop and on the Wagons

*We will be sanitizing the saws in-between each use and the check-out counters will be as well

*All of the doors will be open to let air flow though-out the store so please dress appropriately


*The kitchen has now been relocated to the room located in the far back of our store. This change allows for a better flow of distanced traffic, in addition to allowing the staff to clean the tables regularly


*We are open seven days a week, so please consider visiting us during the week to allow for more distancing options

*We offer a tractor ride to the fields, but there is also an option to enter walking distance fields, if you would like to forgo the ride

*We ask that everyone please keep your distance as best as you can.


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